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Free Business Templates

Download our free templates for personal or small business use. Save yourself the time and money of creating your own templates, let us invest those resources.

We hire experts to create our templates, for example the spreadsheet templates are created by an experienced accountant with a masters degree in taxation, and you can have them all for free.

We are always looking to expand our offering, so if you can think of a template or category of templates that we should have, please request it.
  • Document Templates - Documents that you may need in your business, for example an Invoice Template.
  • Letterhead Templates - Print your letters on your own branded paper including your business' logo and contact details.
  • Spreadsheet Templates - Download one of our professional business spreadsheets for free. Save yourself the time and money required to create your own templates.
  • Resume Templates - Our resume templates include relevant skills, experiences and education required for each job. We focus on what a potential employer would want to see - that being an employee who will have a positive impact on the growth of their business.

Featured Template - Profit and Loss Statement

Every business should doing an annual or monthly profit and loss statement. A profit and loss statement lets you track the incomes and expenses of your business, which can give valuable insight that can allow you to increase your profit, by either cutting unnecessary expenses or scaling up underutilized revenues streams.